Church Picnic (24" X 36")
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Church Picnic
      “The Church Picnic” is a pictorial narrative of  another childhood memory.  The church in the background of this painting is Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church, a historical church in Colleton County.  The church was established by early Methodist circuit riders, beginning as a camp meeting site between Walterboro and Smoaks. The cemetery has veteran's from every war beginning with the Civil War.
      My painting of the church is the building of my childhood memory with brown doors on each side of the front.  A church member later modified this feature when his mother's casket would not go through  the smaller side doors. Funerals were also occasions to “meet and eat.”
       The church picnic was an annual “homecoming event” where aunts and uncles
and cousins all showed up with an array of covered dishes, all kinds of meats and vegetables, and my favorites, lemon pie and coconut cake.