Cover     Welcome to Vic's  Hi, I'm Walter Clinton Valentine from Knoxville, Tennessee. I've been convicted of  fraud and possessing and concealing counterfeited currency; the details of which you can read about in my appeal, which has been denied: US Vs Valentine Appeal.
      I currently reside in South Florida where I  earn a living selling art work and collectibles that I acquire. I've recently been selling the work of a widowed artist from South Carolina that I met and wooed in a dance club. It was easy money and it's not really stealing because she was in love with me. She entrusted me with her work that I brought down here to sell. I didn't bother her with the details of what pieces I sold or how much money I made, so I could keep it all. It was a really sweet deal and it could have gone on indefinitely had she not shown up at my home and surprised me and my wife Sylvie, aka Sylvie Savineau, who has art listed on this site. I'm also involved  in some shady real estate deals with foreign nationals, but this is Florida, who isn't?

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*** UPDATE ***
Hey, I've been gone a while, me and Sylvie went to Knoxville, Tennesse where we involved a retired postal worker in a sweet investment deal. We took hundreds of thousands of dollars from him and his family. It's okay, postal workers get a good pension so he'll have plenty to live on.
     We are back now  and we want you to invest your money with us.  We're in Tamarac, Fla now and we still like to go to dance clubs so, if you see me or Sylvie in a club in or around Broward County, come by and lets dance.  We'll be happy  to take your money too.
We were in the news!!!!        Twice!!!